Day trip

Our main goal while receiving our guests in this country known for its legendary hospitality is to provide a high quality and custom-made service regarding every aspect of your trip from the beginning till the end! Upon arrival to Tangier’s port or airport, you will be met and assisted by your tour guide Muhammad having at your disposal an air-conditioning van for a driving tour that will lead you first to Cape Spartel which is the northernmost point of Africa where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean offering amazing views over the Strait of Gibraltar and the Spanish southern coast. If there is a site that should never be missed while touring in Tangier’s outskirts, is the famous Hercules Caves being a symbol of a city that witnessed ancient civilizations that gave birth to legends and myths!
While driving back to to the heart of the city, you might be attempted by a camel ride or just having a little time for observing and taking pictures of those friendly animals!


The second part of the tour consists of exploring in depth the rich cultural and historical legacy of the old town called “Medina” by taking an enjoyable walk through its alleyways and narrow streets. It’s actually a fascinating experience for those who are looking for exoticism and different cultures. You will feel as being transported several centuries back into time to a medieval society that is still functioning according to ancient norms and traditions. In fact, the lifestyle hasn’t changed much in the medina where hamams (steam baths), communal ovens, public fountains, craftsmen, typical markets and cafes are still working and reminding a great civilization! The tour includes a series of highlights and landmark buildings considered as masterpieces of the Islamic and Moorish architecture decorated with mosaics, ornamental stucco and wood carvings such as the Great Mosque built in the 17th C by sultan Moulay Ismail, Dar el Makhzen (sultan’s palace) located in the kasbah (forteress) nowadays hosting the Antiquities Museum, ramparts, monumental gates and then the American Legation which has been designated as national historic landmark for its significance in the history of the United States of America. Near by stands the oldest synagogue in Tangier “Moise Nahon” located in the Jewish quarter traditionally refered to in the local language as “Mellah”,  testimony of over 1000 years of history of Judaism in Morocco! There is another religious dimension of this medina for the Christians being the only one in the country hosting a Spanish catholic church “LA Inmaculada” near the Petit Socco square, the vibrant center of the medina bordered with colonial style cafes and hotels.
Tangier has always been associated with great artists and painters among them Eugène Delacroix or the impressionist Henri Matisse. Nowadays, the city has several art galleries and museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art or Carmina Macein Museum exhibiting a collection of works by Picasso, Max Ernst and Georges Braque.
You will be delighted by the finest Moroccan cuisine characterized by its variety of dishes like cous-cous, tagines, Kebabs, etc…Then we ‘ll move on to the famous cafe Hafa founded in 1925 known for its best mint tea and a breathtaking view over the sea.
There is no better way to end the tour than wandering in the souks or market place where skilful artisans and craftsmen display their traditional hand made items always willing to start a conversation and negotiate the price!

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