Why choosing me as your guide ?

My name is Muhammad and I’m a Tangier Private Guide in Morocco, My Tangier Private Tours are offered according to the customer’s needs and budget, including city tours, walking tours, day trips, multi days tours, cultural visits, and excursions.

My grandfather was a tour guide in the old town of Tangier where I grew up and spent much of my life, I know every corner of the Medina, I can take you to some non-touristy places to see the real Tangier.

My tours actually have a purpose to help you unveil the mystery of Tangier and let you meet the local culture and unique style of life on its own terms, to share my love of the city and good humor with you, and not to focus on taking you to stores and bazaars.

You will enjoy my knowledge and tales. I’ll show you history, way of life and embellished details with stories from my background in this town that I love. I’ll be so attentive to your wishes and also make the visit so enjoyable.

I’ve got a master degree in “Tour Guiding”, from the Higher International Institute of Tourism in Tangier, so this is my domain , and I know how to make your visit so interesting.

I’ll really listen to what you are interested in learning about and showing you not only the important sights but also focusing in on what is important to your tastes.

I’ll also show you and tell you about my culture and religion and I’m very candid and genuine in doing so.

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