Souks in Morocco

The souk or market is a characteristic feature of Moroccan life. It is a place of buying and selling, and very few visitors do not visit one at least once.

Since the majority of the Moroccan population is rural, each tribe has a certain number of souks that are usually held out in the open country. Souks are named after the days of the week on which they are held and lasting for a few hours, souks are busy, colorful places where agricultural produce and craft items brought by country people are sold alongside a range of other essential everyday items.

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In the town of Tangier the souks are open every day of the week, and in them craftsmen are found grouped together according to the profession. However in some sections of the souk people could find big shops like Bazaars where all types of handcrafted items are presented, and the vendors waiting for the tourists in order to give explanations.

These souks take place in the medina and are laid out according to the type of the goods that they sell. traders are friendly and always ready to please their customers, the rich and diverse range of Moroccan crafts can be found in the souks, as well as at cooperative craft outlets and specialist shops, and are also offered for sale by the roadside along tourist routes.

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In addition, every Thursday in Tangier the country people still holding a weekly market especially for vegetables and fruits, eggs and milk, chicken, butter and cheese, dried figs, and medicinal place.

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Traditional Moroccan craft work  has always been present within the process of the development of the Moroccan society, and  with its roots in the history is an important part of our culture and our personality.

Throughout the ages our artisans have produced art works of striking beauty which we may still admire in the palaces, mosques, residences and in monuments which our ancestors have handed down to us.

Handcrafts are part of the Moroccan national heritage. There is nothing artificial about the products; they are all practical useful things that have been used for centuries and are still employed at home or as items of every day clothing.

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The industry has expanded with the tourist trade, but it would be wrong to say it has been revived just to satisfy the demands of visitors. It has always been an integral part of the Moroccan scene , despite the industrial revolution and the worldwide standardization of everything. This fact adds to the special appeal of Moroccan products, all carefully hand-crafted and useful at the same time.

Souks in Morocco present the visitor with a vast choice of jewelry, leather goods, wrought-iron work, brass and copper, pottery, carpets, basketry, and fabrics. But the quantity, colors and sheer diversity of the items on offer can be bewildering and it can be difficult to distinguish quality pieces from inferior ones.

Before deciding to buy, it is best to take some time to compare what is on offer in different shops.

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