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My name is Muhammad (Muha for short) and I’m a Tangier Private Guide in Morocco, My Tangier Private Tours are offered according to the customer’s needs and budget, including city tours, walking tours, day trips, multidays tours, cultural visits, and excursions.

My grandfather was a tour guide in the old town of Tangier where I grew up and spent much of my life, I know every corner of the Medina, I can take you to some non-touristy places to see the real Tangier.

My tours actually have a purpose to help you unveil the mystery of Tangier and let you meet the local culture and unique style of life on its own terms, to share my love of the city and good humor with you, and not to focus on taking you to stores and bazaars.

Upon your request I might go with you to some people I trust, where you can buy things with quality and good price.

Moreover, I can give you free time for shopping, and if you need me with you I can help you to bargain and get the best price.

During my tours if you want to have lunch I will go with you where the locals used to eat, with food quality and reasonable price.

In addition, I’m not including any camel ride in my tours, and not stopping by the camels place unless you asks for it.

You will enjoy my knowledge and tales. I’ll show you history, way of life and embellished details with stories from my background in this town that I love. I’ll be so attentive to your wishes and also make the visit so enjoyable.

I’ve got a master degree in “Tour Guiding”, from the Higher International Institute of Tourism in Tangier, so this is my domain , and I know how to make your visit so interesting.

I’ll really listen to what you are interested in learning about and showing you not only the important sights but also focusing in on what is important to your tastes.

I’ll also show you and tell you about my culture and religion and I’m very candid and genuine in doing so.

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Tangier Private Tours
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by Alexia on Tangier Private Tours
We loved this trip & the tour guide

Because of the looming bad weather across the straight of Gibraltar, we decided last minute Tuesday night that it would be best to visit Morocco on Wednesday, and not Thursday, as we had originally planned.
Muhammad was super responsive on WhatsApp and responded within minutes that he would be available for a private tour. Over WhatsApp, he helped us plan our custom day around the hours we had available and gave us suggestions for prime ferry times. The ferry got in to Morocco very behind schedule but he was right there waiting for us with a sign.
We had a private van that shuttled us around the outer parts of the city. We saw French, Spanish and American quarters, the two sections of the city from afar, and a great view from the very pleasant park, where you can see across the straight back towards Spain. Then we went around the coast to where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and had a place to stop and ride camels if we wanted (which we did). At the caves of Hercules, many guides take a break and hand off their guests to other guides, but Muhammad stayed with us the whole time and toured us around the caves himself, which was very comforting—he clearly enjoys spending time with his guests and wants to provide the best and most seamless tour possible.
Then we got dropped off by the van and toured the Medina with Muhammad, where we bumped into a lot of his friends who all wished us a pleasant visit to Tangier. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming in the city and my brother and I both felt very safe (rest assured!).
Muhammad took us though the Kasbah museum, where it was clear he was really knowledgeable in not only the history of his country, but also of all the ancient civilizations that were in the area beforehand. Muhammad was inspired by his grandfather, who was also a tour guide, and attended a masters program in tour-guide.
Muhammad was very flexible and attended to our needs. Because we didn’t have a ton of time, we didn’t want to stop for lunch, but my brother did get hungry and Muhammad took us for a quick bite within minutes to a place he knew my brother would like. What I most appreciated about Muhammad though was his openness to talk about his personal life, the politics of his country, and hot topics, like women’s rights and religion. He was very easy to talk to and shared his unique personal perspective which was what made the tour so special.
In the end, Muhammad went above and beyond when our return ferry was cancelled because of bad weather. Instead of dropping us off at the port and leaving us to our own defenses, Muhammad offered to take us instead to another port an hour away to assure we got back safely to Spain that evening. We didn’t have service in Morocco, we would never have been able to come up with such a great back-up plan so quickly (we didn’t even know there was another port!).
In sum, we had an amazing, fun, and safe tour in Tangier because of Muhammad and we’re glad to call him a friend!

by Cristi on Tangier Private Tours
Excellent guide

I had a 3 day tour with Muhammad and I can wholeheartedly say that he was great. He is patient, kind, informative without being overwhelming. There were a few things that make him stand head above shoulders compared to the other guides from what I could notice. First he doesn't take you to any store you don't want to go, therefore forfeiting the commission he would otherwise receive. He also has the ability to be spontaneous, as he doesn't belong to a big agency. We agreed daily of what to do next in function of the weather and whim. The highlight of the tour was a day hike along the coast on a trail that I could not very easily follow on my own. He is very reasonable priced and you could save some money in the end as he takes you or recommends you restaurants locals eat, negotiate transportation, etc If in Tangier , you can not do better then Muhammad.

by Mec on Tangier Private Tours
Hard To Get Better

We spent an absolutely wonderful day (about 6 hrs) with Muhammad, a young enthusiastic guide, very knowledgeable.

He grew up in the Medina and therefore knows all the noks and crannies - from the communal ovens used for baking bread, to the weavers section, to the tiny restaurants you would not venture into without a local. One definitely wants to see more than the Medina, kasbah and souks and our tour started with a driving tour through the new city to Cape Spartel and the Cave of Hercules. One would be left with a different impression without the driving tour. Muhammad taught us a lot about the history of Tangier. We would definitely recommend him!!! We told him we were not into shopping and not once did he try to get us into some shop

by Andre on Tangier Private Tours

Muhammad and a driver picked us (3 people) up at the hotel at 10 for a private tour that we had discussed online. It was much better than anticipated based on our own discoveries from the day before. While on our own, we felt like we were on display as we walked around the city but with Muhammad we relaxed, people knew that he was our guide and we enjoyed his knowledge and tales. He showed us history, way of life and embellished details with stories from his background in this city that he loved. We saw the markets with fresh eyes, looking for details to detect the origin of merchants and their wares. Hats gave away origin of the women. We learned about the clothing and function that they served. We stopped for lunch where locals were eating and where Muhammad had been eating with his family since he was born. By the end of the tour we felt closer to this population than when we had started on the tour and the thoughts that this tour generated lingered for days.

by Lorena on Tangier Private Tours
Visita por el norte de Marruecos

Cuatro días geniales conociendo Marruecos de la mano de personas locales. Nuestro guía Mohammed simpático y profesional,siempre mirando por el bienestar del grupo y encantado de atender cualquier tipo de pregunta. Aprendimos muchísimo gracias a él.

by Maria on Tangier Private Tours
Guia turistico en Tanger y Tetuan, excelente!!!

Guia turistico en Tanger y Tetuan, excelente!!! Contestò todas las preguntas que tenia de la cultura, comida y costumbres del àrea!!

by Paulina on Tangier Private Tours
Exellent and patient

we traveled with 2 young kids. he was very informative and engaging with them as well as patient. helped with translation where needed and a real insider helping us navigate a large part of the country. would highly recommend him but especially when traveling with children.

by Ulezalka on Tangier Private Tours
Tangier walking tour

Our guide Muhammad did a professional job showing us the old part of the city. We can highly recommend him again. Thank you.

by Claudine on Tangier Private Tours
Awesome guide

Mohammed is a great tourguide who knows a lot about his beautiful country. I loved the fact he gave all of us the same amount of attention; I think Mohammed puts personal contact on #1 in his way of working. With all of his knowledge he is able to tell you a lot about the past and the present of Morocco and he is willing to show you all the nice (unknown) spots of the city you’re visiting. I really enjoyed travelling through Morocco with Mohammed being our tourguide!

by Steve on Tangier Private Tours

Muhammed was tasked with a very unique mission with almost no advance notice. I needed his local contacts in the mediina/bazaar AND his translation skills AND his personality to introduce and solicit the participation of various local vendors to be part of a travel competition/scavenger hunt for next summer.I had very modest expectations considering what a very TALL order I had in mind. Yet, Muhammed was absolutely up to the task and he accomplished far far more than i could have ever imagined. So, if he can succeed at a very challenging request like mine, surely he is the right man for the job if you need a normal tour of Tangier or even around Morocco. I could not have been more pleased, and will be using Muhammed to organize our scavenger hunt when we execute it in summer 2019!

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